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LYMAN TRUMAN Follow his money! "Lyman Park Truman was born at Park Settlement [Town of Candor], March 2, 1806. In 1830, he came to Owego and entered Asa H. Truman's store as a clerk. Three years afterward he commenced the mercantile business on his own account. In May, 1836, the firm of L. Truman & Brothers was formed and they conducted a successful lumber and mercantile business for thirty years ... In 1856, Mr. Truman became president of the Bank of Owego, and ... successor, the First National Bank of Owego ... In 1857, ... state senator ... 24th. district ... He died in Owego, March 24, 1881, leaving a large fortune as a result of his active life." Gay. HISTORICAL GAZETTEER OF TIOGA COUNTY, NEW YORK, 1785-1888. Pages 341-342. DAY BOOK. Feb. 14, 1852 - July 9, 1856. Tall narrow folio, leather, 194 leaves. DAY-BOOK. July 11, 1856 - Jan. 8th, 1857. Tall narrow folio, leather, 797 leaves. Very readable! LEDGER. 1847 - 1852. Tall narrow folio, leather, 248 pages. Index bound in front. LEDGER. April 1850 - 1854. Tall narrow folio, leather, 473 pages. Plus paper index to the names. LEDGER. December 27, 1870 - October 28, 1881. About 250 pages both sides. Recording a tremendous history of business transactions around the country with money often going in and out of Bank of Owego. This came from the Truman Estate and there are frequent entries listing L. Truman. Ledger. ESTATE OF LYMAN TRUMAN. Abstract statement showing the items of property contained in the inventory filed together with a statement showing the disposition of each item and the income received therefrom. June 1881. Up to 220 pagers; pages 250-252 Dora E. Thompson records cash expenses April 1881-March 1887; pages 256-258, Emily A. Gere, April 1881-April 1887 expenses; pages 262-266, Adaline T. Stanbrough, expenses June 1881-April 1887; pages 270-272, Emily M. Truman June 1883-April 1887; pages 500-547, ABSTRACT OF SECURITIES OF ESTATE OF LYMAN TRUMAN EXISTING APRIL 1887; pages 680-683 STATEMENT OF SECURITIES HELD BY THE EXECUTOR OF LYMAN TRUMAN, DECEASED. April, 1881 Carbon Copy of Letters during the George Andrews, attorney period. Quarto, cloth, 495 leaves from February 10, 1892 - September 1893. The contents deal with general legal maters and also with the Truman Estate. Many files of contracts, leases, deeds during Stanbrough period of being the executor. They owned the Dwight Building in Binghamton and many other properties. Many letters from banks, stock companies, railroads, etc. Estate of L. Truman covers Valley View Farm, Tioga; Baker Farm, Newark Valley, Deepdale Farm, So. Owego. L. T. Stanbrough, Trustee and Geo. F. Andrews, Attorney. 1900 Ledger. ESTATE OF L. TRUMAN. Begins Dec. 1906 - 1911. Folio using 48 pages. Executors: Emily M. Truman, Andrew Jackson Goodrich, and Orin Truman; Andrew J. Goodrich 1885 Emily M. Truman and Andrew J. Goodrich 1887 1890. Emily M. Truman, sole surviving Trustee 1894. Lyman T. Stanbrough 1896 His executors were Jane H. Stanbrough and William G. Ellis Sidney Welles Thompson 1913 This estate was very large due to the investments in land in Illinois. Lyman Truman invested his money in loans, business and property around Owego, Binghamton, Lestershire. He died in 1881 but the estate was still active into 1915 with several different executors as time moved on.
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